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Over the years our ropeways have carried goods like timber, bamboo, tea, apples, food grains, diesel/kerosene, bricks, sand, aggregate, cement, ready mixed concrete, pipes and all kinds of machinery and equipment.

The longest mono-cable unit was installed at NEHARI in Himachal Pradesh with a length of 13km, running in many angles. Some of our by-cable ropeways are operating at gradients well above 45degrees. The longest un-supported span in use was 1200m across river TAWI in Jammu and Kashmir.

At some places equipment had to be carried manually for 20km, and had to be designed and manufactured in such a manner that splitting it into manageable loads was possible.

The most challenging job however was the removal of a heavy by-cable ropeway running above five 220KV HT lines at India's famous Bhakhra Dam. Most of the work was done without shut-downs.





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